Autumn Equinox Ritual

With Autumn beginning, we find ourselves celebrating the Harvest.

We are in that in-between space where summer is disappearing and the darkness is beginning to be felt.
We honor the abundance and generosity of Mother Earth.
With the joy of the harvest also comes death and release.
Death is part of harvest.
Light and dark.
Masculine and Feminine.

We feel the power of polarities on this Holy Day.

Autumn Equinox takes place on Saturday, September 22nd at 6:54 pm PDT.  This is a day of balance of polarities. And after this moment, we are in the dark part of the year.

Here is an autumn equinox ritual to partner with Gaia and her seasonal rhythms. 




Autumn Equinox Ritual

Fall is the time of the Great Queens who live in a state of Sovereignty. So this is a powerful time to live into the Great Queen or Empress who resides within you. The Queen, in her whole and empowered state, is in full devotion to her community. She offers herself with great humility to be the emissary of the Divine.

Follow your flow for how you create Ritual space. (Call in Directions or Spirit Guides, Light a Candle, Simply Place your Feet on the Earth, etc)

Bring forth elementals in your ceremony that correspond to this time of the year. Berries, gourds, pomegranates, cedar or juniper leaves. You can also decorate your space with golden and red colors to signify the energies of this Solar Festival.


What You Need:

Journal and pen
Fire or candle, lighter and cauldron
Altar items

1. In your Journal, answer these prompts below. Please set aside at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time for this.

What am I harvesting right now? Think back to the seeds that you planted at Spring Equinox and what has come forth that wants to be seen, acknowledged and celebrated?

How am I living in my Sovereignty? What does that look like or feel like?

How am I devoted to Love and Service?

Once these have been answered, put aside your journal.
Take some deep breaths. Feel into what was just revealed through your writings.


2. Choose 3 qualities that will support you to more deeply embody your Sovereignty. Think of a Great Queen or Empress. These are 3 qualities that will bring you into a deeper Communion with your Heart and Service for the next 6 weeks until Samhain.

MAKE A COMMITMENT OUT LOUD TO HOW YOU WILL EMBODY THESE OVER THE NEXT 6 WEEKS. Literal actions steps and general ways of being.


3. With this commitment spoken, what needs to die in order for these qualities to be realized and embodied? What is draining your energy and keeping you from embodying your Sovereignty?

Either write these answers on a piece of paper and burn them, visualizing the flames dissolving these drains or visualize a cord being cut severing these from your being. Follow where they originate and cut the cord there, sending these thoughts, patterns or conditionings back to the Light.


4. Create an Altar in Devotion to your Proclamation (do this after the ritual or within 24 hours as the energies from your ceremony are still present)

Let this altar be the physical representation of your inner works. You can make it small or large. It can be an altar you already have and add too it or you can create a new Mabon Altar with your prayers and vows. Or you can place reminders on your mirror or a corner of your desk etc. Do what feels best for you, so that you can feel the energy of this often.


5. Complete your Ceremony. Give Gratitude for all of Support you have in your life. Speak their names out loud. Give Gratitude for all of the Unseen Support you have in your life. Speak their names out loud.

Close the Directions if you have called them in or close the connection between you and your Guides.

And so it is! And so mote it be. Aho.

We would love to hear what is present for you at this time, sister. Join our safe and loving Facebook group or share in the comments.

Blessings to you Sister.

September 16, 2020