What are Flower Essences?
Flower Essences are liquid extracts of the Essence of a Plant or Tree.  If you believe that all of Nature has a Spirit, a Flower Essence is the collection of the Spirit, which houses an infinite amount of Wisdom. When ingested, the Flower Essence meets your Spirit. Spirit to Spirit. Anything that is not of Spirit (limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, trauma, etc) is brought to the conscious mind and body where it can be released or worked through in a conscious way.  They are powerful agents for emotional healing and repair. Flower Essences is also an umbrella term that includes Tree, Elemental, Goddess, or any Nature-oriented Essence.  
How do I use Flower Essences?
Traditionally, Flower Essences are taken internally 3 drops 3 times per day. When taken consistently, the results you will see, feel, and experience in your life will be quite transformational. Flower Essences can also be added to baths or into sprays to shift the vibration in a physical space.  
What is the difference between Flower Essences and Essential oils?
Flower Essences and Essential Oils can often get confused because of the word essence or essential. They are both plant medicines but are different in their use and creation. Essential Oils are extracted through a process of steam distillation where the oil and waters are separated from the physical plant. Essential oils have a smell and their uses vary from Flower Essences. Flower Essences are created through a process of Solarization whereby a flower or leaf’s essence is infused into water through the Sun’s rays. They have no smell and are ingested internally. They are used for emotional healing.  
Can Flower Essences be made from Gems or Elementals?
Absolutely! Gaia’s Wisdom carries a couple Gem Essences and many alternative types of Essences (Moon, High Holy Day, Goddess & God Collections). Anything that is alive and has a vibration or Spirit can be collected into an Essence.


Are Flower Essences safe for Children or Pregnant Mamas?
Flower Essences can work wonderfully for both pregnancy and nursing Mamas as they are subtle and work on a vibrational/emotional level. It is always important to work with a skilled practitioner. You can read about our certified practitioners here. Children respond incredibly well and quickly to Flower Essences. They don’t have years and years of emotional baggage to work through. You will see changes in a child’s behavior within a few days of taking an essence or formula, which is quite profound. Children are responding to the world around them so when working with a child, it is usually helpful for the parents or guardians to be taking essences as well. 
Are Gaia's Wisdom Essences made from stock concentrate?
Each of the stock bottles are made from drops of Mother Essence. Therefore, they are 'stock strength'. The bottles are the standard stock strength that you can buy in shops. They are not Mother Essences (which are not available).