Feel Whole, Feel at Home with Gaia’s Wisdom


Gaia’s Wisdom began as a directive from a Eucalyptus Tree to share the power of plant spirit medicine in a clear, grounded, accessible way. We believe that by reconnecting to the Earth, every woman can free herself from the past, live her true embodied essence, and bring herself back to a natural state of wholeness. 


Our Flower Essences

Heal with the Support of the Earth

Flower Essences are safe and natural plant medicines that facilitate profound emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. They are a collection of the spirit, frequency, and energy of a plant. Therefore, they can commune with your spirit on a spirit-to-spirit level.

With Flower Essences, anything that is not of the spirit — such as traumas, wounds, and pains — are allowed to surface, be truly felt, healed, and released. 

Whether you’re experiencing grief from a miscarriage or carrying the belief that you aren’t good enough, Flower Essences will liberate you from the pain of personal hurts and wounds, generational trauma, and limiting beliefs. 

When you are no longer living at the mercy of old wounds, you can finally begin to live fully in the present. Through the grace, healing, and power of Flower Essences, you can return back to the spirit, back to the Earth, and back home to yourself.


Our Mission

Providing Sustainable, Self-Empowered Healing


Indigenous people around the world have used plant medicine since the beginning of humankind. Their sacred rituals laid the groundwork for the modernized methodologies to receive the ancient wisdom of the Earth.

When you heal with Flower Essences, you are allowing the plant spirits to assist you on your journey while maintaining sovereignty within yourself. Flower Essences do not fix the symptoms of suffering. They give you support, guidance, and nourishment as you heal yourself and release the root of your pain from within.

Our culture has normalized the suffering of women for far too long. It’s our mission to empower women with medicines of the Earth that will liberate you from any state of suffering and pain.

Just as the Earth cares for us, we are equally committing to tending to Her. Flower Essences require very little plant or natural material and can be used for years to come. They are one of the most sustainable modalities to heal yourself while working in tandem with the Earth.

Flower Essences are your self-led, Earth given healing journey in a bottle.



A portion of all our proceeds go to the Pollinator Partnership to support the health and conservation of pollinators around the globe.


Our Collection Process

Every Plant Has a Story to Tell


When we collect the essence of the plant, we are communing with a friend. Every cell has a message to share and it’s our responsibility to listen. 

The plants share their stories as the wind rustles through their leaves. They open their hearts by showing us the gentle hairs sprouting from their stems. They offer us love and blessings with the unfurling of their petals.

The plants are our leaders and guides in the collection process. They tell us how they would like their essence to be infused into our healing waters. Whether it be through the power of the sun, moon, both, or another methodology, the plants have infinite creativity in how they share themselves with us.

It is our honor to bear witness to the wisdom the plants are willing to give. We travel to places of spiritual pilgrimage like Hawaii, Israel, and Avalon to hear the tales of plants from around the world.

All so we can bring their healing properties to you.

We believe that everyone should have access to the medicines of the Earth. Our directive was given by the plants themselves. So it is our life’s work to bring their otherworldly powers to your everyday life.  


Our Story

A Journey Back to the Earth


Ameya, the founder of Gaia’s Wisdom, first fell in love with plant medicine as an environmental studies major in Vermont. 

After writing a thesis on plant spirit medicine, she continued to follow the calling of the plants. They led her to a 2-year vocation studying plant spirit medicine, shamanic journeywork, and other spiritually healing modalities. 

But Flower Essences completely transformed her life at a workshop in New York City. After meeting her teacher and mentor David Dalton, Ameya experienced the profound power of Flower Essences in her own healing work.

 Twenty years later, her journey with the plants bloomed into:


  • Hundreds of clients supported as a Flower Essence practitioner
  • Hundreds of practitioners trained in her certification program
  • Thousands of plant lovers served through Gaia’s Wisdom’s Flower Essences 


Ameya credits Flower Essences with making her the woman she is today. She’s made it her personal mission to make plant spirit medicine grounded and accessible to anyone who seeks healing from Earth.


Our Commitment

A Future of Oneness with Self and the Earth


Gaia’s Wisdom began as a directive from a Eucalyptus Tree. The fruit born from that invitation alone is a testament to the wisdom, generosity, and power of the plant spirits. 

May we continue working in tandem with the Earth, listening to the guidance of the plants, and co-creating a world where we may all be one with ourselves again.

With Love,






Bees came for honey
flowers giggled
as they undressed themselves
for the taking
the sun smiled
the second birth - rupi kaur