The Power Of Stabilization
Trees hold the frequency of the Earth and are essential medicines for this planet right now that is moving through a massive awakening.
Tree Essences ground you into Gaia, reminding you that you are part of her body. Your feet anchor into her roots and you remember that you are made up of every element within the Natural realms and are part of the entire Web of Life.
When this rooting occurs, there is a stabilization that happens in your entire system. If you grew up in a home that was not safe (financially unstable, emotional or verbal abuse, dysfunction in the home), your system skews safety and survival. This affects your Root Chakra and then from there, all of the Chakras are impacted. When you are weak at your core Chakra, every area in your life is impacted.
Tree Essences invite you into your Earthly body to experience the beauty of incarnation. From here, healing and transformation can transpire.








According to Greek myth the rowan was created because of the actions of Hebe, cup-bearer to the gods, from whom the demons stole the cup. The gods sent an eagle to retrieve the cup and in the following battle, wherever a feather or a drop of blood fell a Rowan Tree sprang up, which is why the tree has feathery leaves and blood-red berries to this day.

The Rowan Tree was sacred to the druids, perhaps because of the contrast of its white flowers and red berries (red and white being symbols of sacredness throughout the ages) but also because of its associations as a visionary aid, one of its names being “Delight of the Eye” which refers as much to the Third Eye as it does to the way to the tree actually appears.

Druids often planted Rowan Trees in their places of worship. You’ll sometimes find them still growing close to stone circles or where ley lines cross. It was once believed that the powers of the Rowan were essential to maintaining the health of the land. Perhaps they still are? They are certainly worth looking after, as are all trees.

Rowan Tree Essence offers an opportunity to look at your past and feel the pain that you have experienced.  With this understanding, you are able to take self-responsibility for your part in these situations. The finger that has been pointing outward gets turned inward and you are able to harness self-responsibility.  Rowan Essence also ushers in an understanding of magic, power, and the wisdom of the cosmos. Your spellwork and divination will be enhanced with Rowan Essence.



June 13, 2020