Come sit by me and learn the ways of the Blood Mysteries

July 22 has been officially recognized as Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, the same day the Sun moves into the Fiery sign of Leo and we move closer to the Lunar Eclipse of Lammas.

Mary Magdalene and the Lineage of the Rose is being awakened within women (and men) around the world.  Her message and teachings of Free Will, Full Agency, Sexual Healing & Expression, and Divine Union with her beloved Yeshua are being transmitted and felt in our Wombspaces, Hearts, and Minds.

She is a woman who has been persecuted and misunderstood, all while being woven into the tapestry of our society.  

I believe that Magdalena has something unique to share with each woman.  That your specific gifts and frequency are needed to express her Arts and Love into the world.


Mary Magdalene Essence invokes the Codes of your Blood and your DNA as Woman and Priestess. Use this Essence as you explore your Wombspace as the Holy Grail, as a Keeper of the Magdalene Mysteries, and as a portal for Sexual Exaltation and Union. Mary Magdalene Essence will create a relinking for you between your Wombspace and Heart which repairs shame, rupture, or disconnect from your sensuality and sexuality. 

August 19, 2020

Essences For Manifestation

During these times of chaos and dismantling there is also tremendous potentiality and opportunity to turn towards Self and envision how you would like to be in the world… 

Who are you? 
Why are you here?
What do you want your life to look like?
How do you want to serve others?
How can you bring forward the dreams that you hold? 
What do you even want to create and where are you in your creative flow?

The answers to these questions are not just one sided for your greater good. Your dreams and your clarity will serve many.

There are many aspects of Womanifestation and a whole bunch of glorious Essences to help you bring forth that which is alive in your Body and Blueprint.


When you womanifest, you need to make sure that you are clear because clarity is the energetic that supports the fulfillment of that which you are affirming to be.


OM PHALLUS - Access Your Dreams
Supports you to access the dreams of your own womb-space that are linked to the dreams of the cosmos. Om Phallus Essence helps you uncover the intimate and inherent wisdom that is needed to come through you right now on this planet by granting you a direct link to divine feminine birthing. Please use in a ceremonial or intentional way, taking 1 or 2 drops as you set/hold the intention to access your dreams.

MAYAPPLE - Directive Clarity
A Fierce ally for insight, Mayapple will cut through illusion and bring you to Truth. Use this Essence when
 you find yourself at a crossroads, either unsure of which direction to walk and/or wanting to understand your innermost self more so that you find clarity. This is a moment where you might have a lot of questions and not many answers. Use Mayapple Essence with the intention of connecting to the Deva of this Tree flower. The spirit of Mayapple is very forthcoming with answers to questions you have. She supports your great Quest, helping you to remove obstacles and walk toward your visions.


GOG Tree - Understand there is Divine Orchestration
Helps you to understand that there is divine orchestration at play, so you can relax into surrender and trust the process of Womanifestation. Gog Tree Essence holds the inherent wisdom of this 2000-year-old Oak Tree who sits next to his beloved Magog Tree. Gog Tree Essence carries the energy of Grandfather, the true and loving force of the Masculine.  When manifesting, there is a tendency to get bogged down by time and impatience when things do not come in the time you desire. Gog Tree helps to surrender to the Divine timing of your process.

WILD MAUI ORCHID - Discern Truth from Fear
Helps you discern Truth from Fear or Intuition from Fear.  There is a tendency to believe that these are similar. Oftentimes we hear ourselves say, “I am not sure if this is my intuition or if this is fear.”  Maui Wild Orchid clarifies this as these energies are entirely of different frequencies. Truth can easily be overlooked by our minds, but it is always present. Following Truth assists the manifestation process. This essence is invaluable!



Your internal beliefs have to be in alignment with what you are affirming to be true. 

That does not happen overnight. You carry limiting beliefs that make you believe untruths. And yet, in the process of Womanifestation, your mind must believe that it is possible to bring forth that which you want. 

Some flowers that support alignment of internal beliefs:

BORAGE - Believe in your Dreams
Supports your courage and therefore your courageous action. To be vulnerable and speak your Dreams takes courage and then to create the actions to bring them into form, takes courage. A must for everyone to use.

 RED CEDAR - You are Safe to Bring your Dreams Forth.

Brings a deep sense of safety and security.  Red Cedar Essence anchors in a grid of stability that allows you to return home to your body and make clear and conscious choices.  Every choice you make, thought you have, action you take NEEDS safety. Red Cedar Essences is the Essence for embodying safety as a natural rhythm in your embodiment.

ASH TREE - Trust Yourself

Creates an incredible stability to the system, but especially to the mind. This Essence helps the mind to release inner judgements and to calm self-deprecating thoughts so that you can make decisions and choices with greater ease. There is a harmonic frequency that is created within that decreases or eliminates any doubt or confusion.

 GOLDENSEAL - Beyond Limits

Releases subconscious fears and worries that have rooted into your psyche.  As you work with this Essence, you will be supported to develop new habits and beliefs so that you are no longer living from old patterns.





So now that you are clear, specific and your mind is on board… Let’s rise up and work on amping those vibrations.

MIMOSA - Joy in the frequency of abundance

Carries the energy of Play which is oftentimes energy that as grown-ups we forget in our to-do lists and responsibilities.

This Essence offers Bounty and Abundance through the foundation of Playfulness. This can be financial abundance (you can set an intention and work with her to bring forth financial stability and success) and this can be an abundance of anything that you are calling forth in your life right now. Friendships, Opportunities, Health. When you work with Pink Mimosa Tree for Abundance, you understand that delight is an essential ingredient in manifestation.


HERKIMER DIAMOND - Radiate that Belief
Once you are clear what you are womanifesting and your mind believes this to be true (even if it moves into doubt every once in a while!), taking Herkimer Diamond will potentize the energies of the mind to then attract what you are calling forth. When the mind believes this to be true, there is a magnetic pull towards you. You can feel this thing/experience/person magnetizing towards you.


SUNFLOWER - Stay gold
Brings an absolute sense of confidence so that you can shine your will force and light into the world.  This Flower Essence will help you to live as the person you know you are, free to thrive, succeed, and be seen.



ISIS - Alchemical golden creatrix

Supports the extension of your own Glorious Wings as you open to receive Alchemical Gold Codes of Ascension from the Queen of Heavens and Earth. Use this Essence to understand how the Ankh opens the Gateways of the Rose so that you can awaken more Truth in your being.  


RED TI - Bigger than life

Carries the medicine of the Chief, the great Tribal leader, the Shaman, or the King. There is a masculine quality to this plant. When you use Red Ti Essence, you will feel your energetic field stretch up and out, feeling the expanse of your power. Your power is the most potent aspect of Red Ti. You are reminded that you are powerful, mighty, and bear great gifts to offer in this world.


GOLDEN ROSE - Stay in your heart

Brings forth abundance of the Heart. The truth is that the Heart is an infinite Well of Love. There is plenty to be given and offered and plenty to receive. Avalon Gold Rose reminds you that the generosity that is felt when falling in love and opening your heart is available to you ANYTIME, as you are alive in this human body.



Remember as you take the essences, speak your Affirmation aloud multiple times throughout the day. Your spoken word is your spell. You cast it out to the web of life where it is received and Magick is underway!

August 19, 2020
Beltane + Womb Essences

Beltane + Womb Essences

Beltane is the time of great Fertility and the Lover.  Beltane turns the Wheel of the Year to a new season, Summer. Beltane is about life, growth, and unrestrained passion. At its core, it is focused on the joining of seed to soil and sperm to egg.

As the tree buds ripen to flower and the bees buzz around drinking the nectar of unfurled petals, sex is literally in the air. The Union of Masculine and Feminine is felt within the whole of Gaia and begins to unleash itself in your body. There is a turn-on felt as Summer commences. Possibilities, connections with others, and the pulse of Life fuels your daily reality. 

Gaia's Wisdom Womb Essences are so powerful to use at this time.

Our Womb Essences have been curated into this Collection to offer your Wombspace the opportunity and invitation to return to its original blueprint, housing the wisdom and mystical truths of the Sacred Feminine. Every single woman alive at this time on the planet needs to focus on some aspect of healing within her Wombspace. 

These  Essences work emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

Emotionally, you’ve experienced suppression of your innate Feminine Self all the time in nuanced (cultural or religious conditioning) or obvious ways (sexual and emotional violation). 

Physically, you may experience reproductive health issues and symptoms, because of the toxicity of our air, waters and food supply, and also the toxicity that has built up emotionally because on unresolved past traumas that has embedded in reproductive tissue. 

Spiritually, you may have forgotten you carry Grail Mysteries that support the birth of a New Consciousness within Humanity. It is here that you hold the potentiality of all of Creation. It is a HUGE anchor and portal that needs to be tended. 

These Essences are meant to bring you into a deeper state of honor, respect, reverence, and health. 

These 16 Essences were created in the Sunlight and Moonlight in California, Avalon, Maui, and Israel. 


eltane Essence hold the fiery activation of passion. Associated with the direction of the South and the Element of Fire, your sexual and sensual passions will be ignited, honored, and celebrated. The Goddess Rhiannon is present as well as Mary Magdalene to embrace your sexuality as a natural facet of who you are.  You are able to work around wounding of the Feminine you carry. And you will come into Union with your inner Lover and perhaps a Lover outside of Self. You can also have your Lover take this Essence too for a combined experience.




A  small deciduous tree (or shrub) that grows in woods, hedgerows and on waste ground the trunk is quite often crooked and low lying with rugged bark. It has dark green leaves that have quite an unpleasant smell but the flowers that appear in early summer are pretty and fragrant with large flat bunches of white flowers that ripen into berries that are green at first and then a dark purple colour by early autumn.

Described in the past as a ‘whole medicine chest’ in one tree the Elder is an excellent ingredient to use in healing spell work.
The stem was said to have been used by Prometheus to bring fire to man from the gods.

The Elder is the thirteenth month on the Celtic tree calendar, a time of death and rebirth… and this tree has plenty of that. The Norse, the Anglo-Saxons, and many European societies believed that the Elder was sacred as a spirit of goddess stature resided and dwelled within the tree. This spirit known as the Elder Mother was a benevolent spirit if treated with respect and appeased. If one did not seek her approval or pay their due respects upon taking of her branches or berries, she would place a curse upon them sending bad luck, ills or worse to their door

Also a tree of the Fae, sit and watch patiently on Midsummer night and you should see the Faerie King ride past.
If an elder self seeds in your garden it is said that the Earth Mother has chosen to protect your house (don’t cut the elder down without asking permission from the Earth Mother first). Preferaby of course don’t cut any trees down at all!

There has been a bit of a dilemma with elder over the years, it has been a tree of life but also a tree of the devil, it was needed for its medicinal properties but also feared to be a witch’s plant – sometimes you just can’t win!  Witches were said to be able to turn themselves into elder trees...

A tree of death, rebirth and reincarnation.
The bark, root, leaves and berries can be used for making dyes.
Use in any healing spell work whether it is for physical or emotional healing also very good to used to break spells that were cast against you.  Elder wands can be used to drive out evil spirits.
Drink elderberry juice to increase your intuition.
Add elderberry tea to your bath water to help heal spiritual and emotional issues.

Add elder stems to incense blends to bring purification and protection to your home.


“Sometimes it takes darkness and the sweet confinement of your aloneness to learn anything or anyone that does not bring you alive ”
― “Sweet Darkness” by David Whyte, House of Belonging
August 13, 2020
The Power Of Stabilization

The Power Of Stabilization

Trees hold the frequency of the Earth and are essential medicines for this planet right now that is moving through a massive awakening.
Tree Essences ground you into Gaia, reminding you that you are part of her body. Your feet anchor into her roots and you remember that you are made up of every element within the Natural realms and are part of the entire Web of Life.
When this rooting occurs, there is a stabilization that happens in your entire system. If you grew up in a home that was not safe (financially unstable, emotional or verbal abuse, dysfunction in the home), your system skews safety and survival. This affects your Root Chakra and then from there, all of the Chakras are impacted. When you are weak at your core Chakra, every area in your life is impacted.
Tree Essences invite you into your Earthly body to experience the beauty of incarnation. From here, healing and transformation can transpire.








According to Greek myth the rowan was created because of the actions of Hebe, cup-bearer to the gods, from whom the demons stole the cup. The gods sent an eagle to retrieve the cup and in the following battle, wherever a feather or a drop of blood fell a Rowan Tree sprang up, which is why the tree has feathery leaves and blood-red berries to this day.

The Rowan Tree was sacred to the druids, perhaps because of the contrast of its white flowers and red berries (red and white being symbols of sacredness throughout the ages) but also because of its associations as a visionary aid, one of its names being “Delight of the Eye” which refers as much to the Third Eye as it does to the way to the tree actually appears.

Druids often planted Rowan Trees in their places of worship. You’ll sometimes find them still growing close to stone circles or where ley lines cross. It was once believed that the powers of the Rowan were essential to maintaining the health of the land. Perhaps they still are? They are certainly worth looking after, as are all trees.

Rowan Tree Essence offers an opportunity to look at your past and feel the pain that you have experienced.  With this understanding, you are able to take self-responsibility for your part in these situations. The finger that has been pointing outward gets turned inward and you are able to harness self-responsibility.  Rowan Essence also ushers in an understanding of magic, power, and the wisdom of the cosmos. Your spellwork and divination will be enhanced with Rowan Essence.



June 13, 2020