During these times of chaos and dismantling there is also tremendous potentiality and opportunity to turn towards Self and envision how you would like to be in the world… 

Who are you? 
Why are you here?
What do you want your life to look like?
How do you want to serve others?
How can you bring forward the dreams that you hold? 
What do you even want to create and where are you in your creative flow?

The answers to these questions are not just one sided for your greater good. Your dreams and your clarity will serve many.

There are many aspects of Womanifestation and a whole bunch of glorious Essences to help you bring forth that which is alive in your Body and Blueprint.


When you womanifest, you need to make sure that you are clear because clarity is the energetic that supports the fulfillment of that which you are affirming to be.


OM PHALLUS - Access Your Dreams
Supports you to access the dreams of your own womb-space that are linked to the dreams of the cosmos. Om Phallus Essence helps you uncover the intimate and inherent wisdom that is needed to come through you right now on this planet by granting you a direct link to divine feminine birthing. Please use in a ceremonial or intentional way, taking 1 or 2 drops as you set/hold the intention to access your dreams.

MAYAPPLE - Directive Clarity
A Fierce ally for insight, Mayapple will cut through illusion and bring you to Truth. Use this Essence when
 you find yourself at a crossroads, either unsure of which direction to walk and/or wanting to understand your innermost self more so that you find clarity. This is a moment where you might have a lot of questions and not many answers. Use Mayapple Essence with the intention of connecting to the Deva of this Tree flower. The spirit of Mayapple is very forthcoming with answers to questions you have. She supports your great Quest, helping you to remove obstacles and walk toward your visions.


GOG Tree - Understand there is Divine Orchestration
Helps you to understand that there is divine orchestration at play, so you can relax into surrender and trust the process of Womanifestation. Gog Tree Essence holds the inherent wisdom of this 2000-year-old Oak Tree who sits next to his beloved Magog Tree. Gog Tree Essence carries the energy of Grandfather, the true and loving force of the Masculine.  When manifesting, there is a tendency to get bogged down by time and impatience when things do not come in the time you desire. Gog Tree helps to surrender to the Divine timing of your process.

WILD MAUI ORCHID - Discern Truth from Fear
Helps you discern Truth from Fear or Intuition from Fear.  There is a tendency to believe that these are similar. Oftentimes we hear ourselves say, “I am not sure if this is my intuition or if this is fear.”  Maui Wild Orchid clarifies this as these energies are entirely of different frequencies. Truth can easily be overlooked by our minds, but it is always present. Following Truth assists the manifestation process. This essence is invaluable!



Your internal beliefs have to be in alignment with what you are affirming to be true. 

That does not happen overnight. You carry limiting beliefs that make you believe untruths. And yet, in the process of Womanifestation, your mind must believe that it is possible to bring forth that which you want. 

Some flowers that support alignment of internal beliefs:

BORAGE - Believe in your Dreams
Supports your courage and therefore your courageous action. To be vulnerable and speak your Dreams takes courage and then to create the actions to bring them into form, takes courage. A must for everyone to use.

 RED CEDAR - You are Safe to Bring your Dreams Forth.

Brings a deep sense of safety and security.  Red Cedar Essence anchors in a grid of stability that allows you to return home to your body and make clear and conscious choices.  Every choice you make, thought you have, action you take NEEDS safety. Red Cedar Essences is the Essence for embodying safety as a natural rhythm in your embodiment.

ASH TREE - Trust Yourself

Creates an incredible stability to the system, but especially to the mind. This Essence helps the mind to release inner judgements and to calm self-deprecating thoughts so that you can make decisions and choices with greater ease. There is a harmonic frequency that is created within that decreases or eliminates any doubt or confusion.

 GOLDENSEAL - Beyond Limits

Releases subconscious fears and worries that have rooted into your psyche.  As you work with this Essence, you will be supported to develop new habits and beliefs so that you are no longer living from old patterns.





So now that you are clear, specific and your mind is on board… Let’s rise up and work on amping those vibrations.

MIMOSA - Joy in the frequency of abundance

Carries the energy of Play which is oftentimes energy that as grown-ups we forget in our to-do lists and responsibilities.

This Essence offers Bounty and Abundance through the foundation of Playfulness. This can be financial abundance (you can set an intention and work with her to bring forth financial stability and success) and this can be an abundance of anything that you are calling forth in your life right now. Friendships, Opportunities, Health. When you work with Pink Mimosa Tree for Abundance, you understand that delight is an essential ingredient in manifestation.


HERKIMER DIAMOND - Radiate that Belief
Once you are clear what you are womanifesting and your mind believes this to be true (even if it moves into doubt every once in a while!), taking Herkimer Diamond will potentize the energies of the mind to then attract what you are calling forth. When the mind believes this to be true, there is a magnetic pull towards you. You can feel this thing/experience/person magnetizing towards you.


SUNFLOWER - Stay gold
Brings an absolute sense of confidence so that you can shine your will force and light into the world.  This Flower Essence will help you to live as the person you know you are, free to thrive, succeed, and be seen.



ISIS - Alchemical golden creatrix

Supports the extension of your own Glorious Wings as you open to receive Alchemical Gold Codes of Ascension from the Queen of Heavens and Earth. Use this Essence to understand how the Ankh opens the Gateways of the Rose so that you can awaken more Truth in your being.  


RED TI - Bigger than life

Carries the medicine of the Chief, the great Tribal leader, the Shaman, or the King. There is a masculine quality to this plant. When you use Red Ti Essence, you will feel your energetic field stretch up and out, feeling the expanse of your power. Your power is the most potent aspect of Red Ti. You are reminded that you are powerful, mighty, and bear great gifts to offer in this world.


GOLDEN ROSE - Stay in your heart

Brings forth abundance of the Heart. The truth is that the Heart is an infinite Well of Love. There is plenty to be given and offered and plenty to receive. Avalon Gold Rose reminds you that the generosity that is felt when falling in love and opening your heart is available to you ANYTIME, as you are alive in this human body.



Remember as you take the essences, speak your Affirmation aloud multiple times throughout the day. Your spoken word is your spell. You cast it out to the web of life where it is received and Magick is underway!

August 19, 2020