Come sit by me and learn the ways of the Blood Mysteries

July 22 has been officially recognized as Mary Magdalene's Feast Day, the same day the Sun moves into the Fiery sign of Leo and we move closer to the Lunar Eclipse of Lammas.

Mary Magdalene and the Lineage of the Rose is being awakened within women (and men) around the world.  Her message and teachings of Free Will, Full Agency, Sexual Healing & Expression, and Divine Union with her beloved Yeshua are being transmitted and felt in our Wombspaces, Hearts, and Minds.

She is a woman who has been persecuted and misunderstood, all while being woven into the tapestry of our society.  

I believe that Magdalena has something unique to share with each woman.  That your specific gifts and frequency are needed to express her Arts and Love into the world.


Mary Magdalene Essence invokes the Codes of your Blood and your DNA as Woman and Priestess. Use this Essence as you explore your Wombspace as the Holy Grail, as a Keeper of the Magdalene Mysteries, and as a portal for Sexual Exaltation and Union. Mary Magdalene Essence will create a relinking for you between your Wombspace and Heart which repairs shame, rupture, or disconnect from your sensuality and sexuality. 

August 19, 2020